Sunday, 31 May 2015

Belated post after pickup in early May

Peter and I headed up to FSC to pick up the van after getting all its issues sorted and when we heard that a big storm was headed for Brisbane, we elected to stay at Golden Beach Holiday Park for the weekend.

Pickup went well, with Carey explaining what they had fixed up and going through which rails held the water in the chassis rail tank.

Two vans had already lost their awnings when we arrived at the park and we were strongly advised not to put ours out.  The van park does get quite a big of wind circling through it, despite having a lot of tall building surrounding the park.

This van is much longer than the previous one we were used to, so as the driver's guide, I had to learn quickly where the stopping points and turning circle were.  Peter also had to learn the turning circle, as the draw bar is much longer than any van we had owned previously.

I am sure once we are out on the road more regularly, I will regain my confidence guiding the driver when reversing the van.

The only issue we had was that some water came in the bottom corner of the door, but we believe that this was due to horizontal rain and strong winds on the night, so we aren't too worried about this.

I'm sure you are all eagerly waiting the pictures.  I took them the next morning after the storm passed.

We have added a tea towel holder, which we will store the bars on the left hand side.  I took the photo when it was sitting on the right hand side above the stove and realise it looks a little dangerous if it stayed on that side!

We can't wait for our trip in June down to Moree and Burren Junction, so that we can truly test her out and see what the fuel economy is going to be like and I'm looking forward to practicing my reverse guiding.

I will post some more pictures then, hope you all have a great time while you wait!

Post soon!


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